CURRENT HOLDINGS as of 12/14/2018*




Market Value

Sugar Futures and Other Sugar Interests
SUGAR #11 (WORLD) MAY19 290 $0.12750 $4,141,200.00
SUGAR #11 (WORLD) JUL19 247 $0.12860 $3,557,590.40
SUGAR #11 (WORLD) MAR20 271 $0.13670 $4,149,118.40
US DOLLARS 11,973,262.02 $1.00 $11,973,262.02

*subject to change

PENDING TRADES as of 12/14/2018*





Sugar Futures and Other Sugar Interests
SBK9 ICE No. 11 Sugar Futures May 2019 NTR
SBN9 ICE No. 11 Sugar Futures Jul 2019 NTR
SBH0 ICE No.11 Sugar Futures Mar 2020 NTR

*subject to change #weighted average price

CANE Daily Facts

as of 12/14/2018*

NAV $7.41 Shares Outstanding 1,600,004
4pm Bid/Ask Midpoint $7.41 Shares Available 10,525,000
Premium/Discount 0.00% Total Net Assets $11,852,083.79
Closing Price $7.41

* For weekends and holidays: Although this is the date of the last business day, the Total Net Assets reflect expense and interest accruals up to, but not including the next business day. For example, on Fridays the TNA will reflect accruals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Definition: Weighted Average Price
The weighted average price is reflected on the Holdings page when there are multiple fill prices for the purchase or sale of a specific commodity contract on a given day. The calculation is a follows: [Absolute value of (dollar value of contracts bought minus dollar value of contracts sold)] divided by [net number of contracts bought or sold].